• Contemporary Design In Wall Toilet Pan

  • R&T Mechanical In Wall Cistern

  • Dimensions Toilet Pan: 575 x 370 x 400mm
    Seat & Lid: Heavy Duty UV Soft Close Detachable Design Seat
    R&T Mechanical In Wall Cistern Wels Rating: 4 Star - 4.5 Litres Full Flush and 3 Litres Half Flush

    Watermark Approved
    Trap: Suitable for P & S Trap Installation 
    Buttons: Available in Black or Chrome Square or Round Design
    Setup: Adjustable Floor Set Out (S Trap 150 mm) (P Trap 180 mm) Maintenance: Flush Mechanism Accessible & Removable via Push Button Wall Panel



Rondo Wall Faced Toilet Pan with R&T Concealed Cistern

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